Additions to intervillositis digital book section

8 Nov

Since last week, I added some photomicrographs, but stopped at case 4. There are 14 cases completed, with 47 images. I stopped uploading because adding one at time creates a long list that would be hard to navigate. The idea was to have a way to choose a case and enter that case via a header. For pathologists to understand the difficulties of interpreting CHIV, a large selection of images (or whole slide scans) is needed. For pathologists new to the diagnosis, some guidance is needed, as the spectrum is really quite wide. I also wanted to show the value of c4d staining which was not really conveyed in the statistics of the published article. WordPress has a image gallery option but I couldn’t get it to operate the way I needed.

There is now a literature review, with comment and a spreadsheet in Excel. Initially the information was summarized as text, but a spreadsheet will be more useful, I have not yet gotten the Boyd and Redline article into the spread sheet, so I left the text information for now.

I started a Comment section trying to digest the studies in a way that would lead to an algorithm for writing a Final Diagnosis report. There was some overlap here with my section of hypothesized pathogenesis that I included last week. Both these sections will need input from an editorial group.

The final goal is to use all of the publications, case examples, and hypotheses to build a research protocol to investigate the pathogenesis and develop more specific diagnostic testing, not to mention the hope of comparative therapeutic trials.

Currently, the MSWord outline does not translate well into WordPress, and none of the functional ability to dig deeper in the outline is present. In MSWord, the reader can select the depth of the outline that shows on the page.

Until I get the technical details resolved, I will stop adding material. Ideally, I can find a partner for creating this concept of a digital open source book. If anyone wants to see the case images and legends, email me and I can set them up on Dropbox.(

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