New page on adrenals

22 Nov

            There are now new menu “widgets” to make accessing the pages easier. 

            I have posted an addition to the autopsy manual on the adrenals. I want to expand the autopsy section as a basis for a protocol for the proposed stillbirth study. Unfortunately, I had already discarded most of the organ and malformation specific images that I had, including hydrops, triploidy, etc. I will need help to expand the types and numbers of images. I think published images are critical to helping standardize pathological diagnoses. A single example of a lesion does not in itself present the variety seen in actual cases.

            Some of the text is probably dated, and I do not yet have access to a library. I still wanted to start the process of posting subheadings to the manual, hence the new page. I also added the Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis page to the new research menu. The proposed research project is at the end of the page. 

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